Here we go..

Here we go..
Many people get stumped at a blank page and give up...but that's not the way I do it! I love being organised and it feels so much better when you know that everything is under control. You will never believe how the stress lifts of your shoulders!

There are many different ways to use a bullet journal and here are some ideas...

1. A yearly calendar

this is just an over view of the important dates

2. Birthday List

This can be set out in many ways I do mine as a doughnut

3. Yearly Resolutions/Goals

… This is simple just make a list

4. A books to read list

This a great way to decorate as it can be set out in many different ways such as a bookshelf or even an open book

5. Savings Tracker

I set mine out as a piggy bank and colour in the squares of the amounts saved. there are many different pintables for this

6. Wishlist

A Wishlist is a great way of adding all the things you need!

7. Weekly Spreads

Don't forget to keep track of your weeklies

8. Lists

it is what it says!

9. Brain Dump

simple write down all the things that are on your mind

10. Summer  Bucket List

What do you want to do this summer?

11. Favourite Quotes

Just to make you feel that little bit better on those rainy days!

12. Recipes

Why don't you write down your favourite recipies1

13. Blog Post Ideas

for all those bloggers out there

14. Shopping Lists

don't want to forget anything

15. Project Ideas

Why don't we do a bit of DIYing!

16. Films to watch

For all the ones you have missed out

17. Boredom Buster List

Why not...

18. Routines

Morning, day, evening, night

19. Netflix shows to watch/favourites

Rain, rain go away come back another day

20. A-Z you page

me, me, me

21. Gift Ideas

need any ideas? PINTEREST!!!

22. tracker
you can use these for anything


23. Index
come on you know what an index is!

24. Flip out key
Attach this to your front page and let if hang out and be folded back
into place so that it can be used to see the key that you always forget without having to flip backwards and forwards

25.  And last of all home improvement and craft list
Go and get crafty!

I hope that you now have a mind full of ideas wanting to bust out onto the page!

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